The Thrive Collective 




The Thrive Collective is the monthly breathwork membership that helps you to reach NEW levels of success you perhaps weren't even aware you could reach. 

YES, IM in!

Together we will unearth memories, fears behaviours and patterns to help you THRIVE in life, business, relationships and your career.

You desire to make things EASIER but you're not sure how, all you know is hard work

You have SO much motivation you often forget to take a chance to breathe

You put SO MUCH pressure on being perfect, and if you're honest it feels exhausting

Is this you?

Finding time for yourself isn't always the easiest, you need accountability

We are conditioned to believe: MORE DOING = better results

However, the real story is more DOING = less creativity, less joy, less energy, less success. 

This membership is about prioritising YOU. Your health, your energy, your pleasure so that you can reach that optimal level of success in your life.

Breathwork has been scientifically proven to release stress hormones, significantly reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety. So if you're looking for MORE in your life ... this is the bang for your buck strategy you need to be trying. 

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of breathwork are...

YES, I'M in!

❤️ Better sleep quality
❤️ Improved cognitive function
❤️ Higher libido
❤️ Weight loss
❤️ Stronger cardiovascular system
❤️ Higher lung capacity
❤️ Increased levels of happiness

This isn't just a membership where you are a number and you don't get any direct contact time with the coach. I know all of our members and all sessions are interactive with a chance to ask questions. 

This membership isn't just journal prompts and a bit of theory, this work is DEEP so is perfect for the woman who is ready to try something different and to see the transformations. 

Hear from our members

Hear from our members

2 X themed breathwork workshops each month (live)

What's included every month:

Monthly themed resources

access to thrive vault (150+ meditations & resources)

£42 per month

Stay with us for as long or as little as you need,
upgrade to an annual membership to receive an
exclusive 1:1 with Jenna

A community of soul sisters


Take a sneak peak at the portal

bonus 1:1 with Jenna *annual membership

Monthly Facebook group support

What's included

bi-weekly 1:1 calls with Jenna

3 month package

full notes & recordings

Weekly homework

unlimited voicenote support


3 & 6 month payment plans available


cosmically confident content (worth £647)

6 months access to the thrive collective (Worth £252)

Pay monthly

Pay annually

per month

per year

Yes I'm ready

Yes I'm ready

Pay monthly


yes I'm ready

Pay annually


yes I'm ready

Best value

Best Value

includes a bonus 1:1 with Jenna (value £333)

save £393 !! 

Each month is themed and you will get access to a new Confidence Kit in the members portal. We will meet bi-weekly for a themed transformational breathwork ceremony and you will have chance to share and ask questions after the session.

How does it work?

The transformations from this work are INSANE. I have had clients go on to double their income, find soulmate clients and most importantly become their own best friend. This work is deep and the transformation is limitless.

How will this help me?

If you want to sign up to the annual membership you get a bonus 1:1 with me. If there is something you are particularly struggling with you can email me and we can discuss booking a 1:1 or upgrading you to Cosmically Confident or my 1:1 package.

Does this offer 1:1 support?

No. Just like a gym membership when you cancel you lose access to the portal and resources, however you can rejoin at any point. 

Will I still get access after I cancel?

Breathwork works directly with your subconscious to help you recode limiting beliefs and thought patterns. My breathwork ceremonies are accessible to new and advanced breathers.

How does breathwork work?

Please check with your doctor first before practicing breathwork as I'm not a doctor and don't have access to your medical history/know your condition. There are different breathing patterns given at the beginning of each session so if you are concerned please email me (

I'm pregnant/have a health condition - can I still join?

Yes absolutely, breathwork has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. I have found it to be a perfect accompaniment to therapy / coaching.

I have anxiety/depression - can I join?

No! I work with women across many different industries and with many different challenges. 

Is this membership just for entreprenuers?

What's the difference between coaching
 & therapy?

Although there are some similarities in that both professions provide a safe confidential space for the client coaching is action focused and is for the person who feels they are ready to take action to get towards their dream life. Therapy will often focus specifically on a mental health crisis. If you are unsure which one is best for you send me an email at

Amazing! Choose how you'd like to pay (monthly/annually) and you'll get instant access to the portal and the Facebook Group. Pop me a message on instagram so I can celebrate you !

I'm interested, what do I do next?