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Rachel Adie

When I found Jenna I wasn’t in a good place personally with my mental health. I felt mentally, physically and emotionally drained and uninspired. I had blocks in my personal life and in business. I knew I needed help and Jenna’s Cosmically Confident programme helped me feel inspired, find and work on my mental and emotional blocks. I still go back to the workbooks when I feel uninspired and I feel a block. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole programme, the inner child module was my favourite!

Katie Simm

When I first started working with Jenna I felt isolated, disconnected and burned out. In 10 months I feel happier, sexier and more powerful and to top it off I got the biggest promotion of my career! None of this would have been possible without Jenna. She is like the intuitive voice you have been missing until yours is strong enough to speak again.

Heather Houlian

Before joining Cosmically Confident I felt depressed and stuck in a rut, lost and unmotivated. Jenna has impacted my life dramatically, I haven't felt this happy in 20 years! The small and large changes of ways I think, speak and act have really made a difference in how I feel about myself. I'm motivated, excited and working towards my dreams!

Naomi Meanwell

I honestly feel SO different. I'm so aligned in how I'm feeling, I no longer dumb myself down. Immediately after working together I was promoted and I've since been offered my dream job (and doubled my salary in 1 year!). I feel so content, excited and have such a full heart!


I'm only a few weeks in but I can't believe how many amazing breakthroughs I've had already. Jenna got to the crux of my confidence, control and trust issues in our 1:1 but since then I've been so shocked how the exercises and workbooks have completely changed the way I see myself. I'm uncovering patterns I haven't managed to unravel in months of therapy.

Jo Lee

Since working with Jenna I ditched that awful guy, we no longer speak. I'm much less tolerant of anyones crap! I've now met someone amazing who loves me how I always wanted to be love and I love him in the same way. He's all I've ever wanted! 

Karen Farrell oppegard

Before CC I felt overwhelmed and foggy. By doing the CC course I realised I have so much potential and I just needed to believe in myself more. I needed to stop being so hard on myself too. With CC I learned how to organise myself better and achieve so many of the goals I have set. I’ve launched my business instagram with 700 followers, I finally got my book on interiors and lifestyle printed. So far I’ve had 4 soft launch events and am looking in to new ways of selling the book and contacting publishers. My future is bright and I procrastinate less and believe in myself more - all because of the work I did with Jenna and the wonderful support of the women in the group.


Before CC I felt as though I was drifting through life & was so disconnected from where I wanted to be. Frustrated that I hadn’t moved myself forwards yet so reluctant to make any major changes. With Jenna’s guidance I have come to know what drives me, what holds me back, who I truly am (& how to unapologetically be here).

Danielle cox

Before the CC course I felt a little lost. Lockdown hit me hard and I turned inward having no direction. As a therapist I tend to put everyone else first and not give myself enough care or thought. I also felt I was not good enough in many situations. Even being myself on social media felt tough as I didn't have the confidence to just be me.
A year on I feel the most powerful I ever have felt in my life. I feel confident in social situations and online - to be pure and just be me. I have also achieved so much more than I thought I would in a year - feeling confident and finding my happy in day to day life. Noticing the past situations have been dealt with and no longer take up negative space in my life.

Emma Griffin

Before I joined CC I felt stuck, ready for change but had no idea where to even start. I just knew in my soul that I deserved more but I was so crippled by my limiting beliefs that I was at a complete standstill.
One year on I've stepped into my true power. I know who I am and what I stand for, I'm more connected to myself and my purpose than I ever have been before and I have so many tools in my toolbox for days that aren't so great.
CC started my journey of me loving myself for exactly who I am and I can honestly say that I never thought the day would come. I still think about the journey we all took together and smile, just so proud of us all. I would recommend this course to anyone x

kate elle

Before Cosmically Confident I felt lost and like I was hiding and not showing up in the world. Since I completed the course I feel light and bright, I feel like my layers have been peeled back and I know myself, the true me, so much better. I feel able to speak up, assert boundaries, own my emotions and take up space as me. I feel that I can keep up this momentum with being able to refer back to the course at any time. Jenna is so skilled at guiding all personalities and drawing out the insights that you can’t see about yourself. If you put the effort in there’s no way you won’t see incredible change.

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