I guide my clients through exercises and visualisations that empower and create unshakeable confidence from the inside out. I unearth limiting beliefs from their roots by using NLP techniques, powerful questioning, visualisations and meditations. 

I haven’t always felt confident. In fact in 2018 I hit rock bottom and had a complete confidence crisis. I was working in a advertising agency at the time, working long hard exhausting hours, my work never felt good enough. When I wasn’t working I was out drinking. When I wasn’t out drinking I spent my time trying to impress men I didn’t know on dating apps.  

It all became too much, my body said no and that something had to change. I invested in my first coach. I read, I researched, I went to therapy, I started my journey to awakening, to working WITH my body instead of against it. I created a deep unshakable confidence from the inside out (without needing validation from bosses, friends or shit men on tinder). 

Since then I left my job I manifested more money that I even thought was possible. I created my business. I became sober and I now work in partnership with my body. My experience is so common for ambitious women and I know I was put on this planet to help women like you create the life of your dreams.


My coaching style goes deep into inner child and shadow work.














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I am certified through The Clique and am a certified Master Practitioner in NLP. I am currently working towards my Breathwork Facilitation and will be qualified in June 2021.


aimee mucmullen - marketing professional

I’ve always wanted to have a go at starting my own business, but getting visible online and having the resilience to be consistent with it despite what people might say was a huge fear that was holding me back. Since completing my coaching with Jenna I hardly think about those fears at all now and I’m full of ideas of where I want to take my business and what I can do, which is really exciting. I was also really struggling in my full time job with stress and anxiety, and although that wasn’t a core focus for our sessions, I’m in such a better place with that now - I no longer wake up dreading the thought of logging on and I’m grateful for the flexibility I have.

chloe march-brown - ceo of blossm

When I came to Jenna I was struggling to set boundaries in my relationships and feel confident with expressing how I really felt. I lacked self confidence and would doubt myself and my decisions daily. I feared rejection so would do all I could to keep people in my life even if they are not having a positive impact. Jenna has helped me accomplish something I have been longing to understand let alone heal from, for so many years. It has been a journey, not an easy one, but one that will help me grow and blossom into the person I WANT to be and not the one I think I have to be. If you're on the fence about investing in Jenna, all I will say is. Meditate on it. Sit quietly and wait for the answer to come to you. Your higher self will always choose what's right, and coaching with Jenna... will always be the right choice!

kaci greer - manifestation coach

When I first started working with Jenna I was struggling with believing in myself. I knew where I wanted to go but I had 0 belief that I could get there. I was terrified to show up for myself because I was scared of judgement. I felt small and was terrified to take up space and the fear of rejection and failure. I know confidence is a life long journey but my confidence shines from the inside out now. I believe in myself and everyone around me can see a difference. I am starting a business which involves me putting myself out there online and being vulnerable. I now have the confidence and love for myself to show up for myself in my business and personal life.

Laura Ann Moore - Money Mindset Coach

Before I started working with Jenna I really struggled with believing in myself and whether I knew what was right for me. I never trusted my gut (I didn’t even know I had gut feelings!) and I felt constantly overwhelmed by other people’s opinions, I didn’t think I could run a successful business. After working with Jenna I felt like a different person. I have had SO many incredible successes, I have so much confidence in the direction I’m heading – I even ended up getting an article published on the BBC and going live on BBC news as a Money Mindset expert! I have always dreamed big but now I feel like I can actually make those dreams a reality. 


Jenna’s coaching is worth the investment. Before working with Jenna I was feeling frightened to take the first steps in my new business. I felt like I had to have it all together to get started. Jenna helped me see my true potential and reminded me how truly capable and confident I am. The business is now launched and I’m so grateful for Jenna’s support, encouragement and love. I would highly recommend Jenna for her enthusiasm, care and attention to detail as a coach.

Kind Words

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