Cosmically Confident

YEs I'm so ready! 

Are you ready to release
self-doubt and become a magnet for the things you want?

Imagine waking up every day feeling excited, energised and to become magnetic to everything you want. 

Imagine gaining a deep understanding of your true life's purpose and building your life around the things you love. 

Imagine setting clear and healthy boundaries, so you can release toxic relationships and step into more pleasure, power and joy without worrying what others will think. 

That is what it means to have Cosmic Confidence, and I want to show you how you can get there.

Are you ready to step into
Cosmic Confidence?

use this year as the springboard to change your life


Let go of


Release the feeling that you're not good enough


Are you ready to...

Do you know your life was meant for more, but you're not sure how to get there?

Do feel uncomfortable in your body and talk negatively about yourself?

Are you holding on to heavy energy from people that have wronged you?

Do you have a poor money mindset?

Are you fed up of constantly comparing yourself to others?

Does this sound like you? 

It's time to make that change girl...

No I'm not physic, I've just been where you are. I know what it's like to not feel good enough, to harshly punish yourself for not being perfect, to have big goals but feel overwhelmed and fearful when it comes to achieving them. I have helped many women to unearth their limiting beliefs and childhood trauma and I want to help you too. 

I have created this programme to help you step into Cosmic Confidence. The type of confidence where you no longer worry about the outcome, the judgement of others doesn't hold you back, where you wake up every morning feeling excited and ready to crush your goals. 

The waitlist is now OPEN to start in September, enter your details using the button below to secure yourself one of the first spaces and to enjoy some juicy early-bird bonuses! 

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We start by diving deep into discovering your life purpose. You will learn how to tap into your gut feel and find what really lights you up (away from other people's opinions). I'll take you through the steps to create a life that feels aligned, excited and abundant.

Uncensor yourself and find your purpose

Week one

In the second week you're going to be introduced to Inner Child & shadow work so you can discover what's going on for you beneath the surface and keeping you stuck. Once you have identified your limiting beliefs you will be guided through a group healing session to unearth them.​

Inner child healing &
shadow work

Week two

You will learn how to free yourself of harsh judgement and be guided through how to unconditionally love your body, without feeling the need to restrict or change it. You'll learn how to activate your feminine energy and build more joy, pleasure and self-love into your schedule.

Create body confidence & activate pleasure

week three

Are you holding on to heavy emotions like shame, guilt, resentment and jealousy? These emotions can block manifestations. So in week four you will learn how to release all of these heavy emotions so you can forgive others, and yourself. 

Forgiveness & energy healing

Week four

Are you fed up of worrying about money and living in your scarcity mindset? Then week 5 is perfect for you. I am going to be guiding you from scarcity to wild abundance and you will learn my magnetic manifestation process that will help you create the life of your dreams.

Manifesting your dreams & money mindset

week five

In our final week we tie all of the learning together and make it happen. You will learn how to stay motivated, build resilience and create an Inspired Action strategy road map that leads you to unstoppable success. 

Make it happen 

week six

What's included...

That's an amazing
£2,466 of value for... 


6 x transformational video trainings

6 x transformational workbooks

6 x group coaching calls (+ recordings)
6 weeks Facebook group support 

Connections with other women going
 through the same journey

* three and six month payment plans available*

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If you're looking for bespoke healing and coaching support, I have 3 VIP spots available. If you upgrade to VIP you will receive all of the amazing value above


2 additional 60 minute 1:1 calls with me
(worth £332!)

Voicenote support from me throughout the 6 weeks
(worth £250). 

That's an amazing
£3,048 of  value for...

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*Three & Six month payment plans available* 

sucess stories

Yes! You can either pay in full or split the payment over three monthly installments.

Are there payment plans?

The course starts 1st February 2021 and the first module will be uploaded into your portal on that date.

When does it start? 

The live calls will be every Saturday morning at 11:00am via Zoom for an hour. If you can't make the live calls you will be able to catch the replay.

When are the live calls?

Roughly 2 hours per week including your group coaching call
and then any additional time you'd like to commit to your rituals or mindful practices 

How much time will this take?

Yes! I am a certified life coach and am a qualified Master Practitioner in NLP.

Are you qualified?

I only work with women who are 100% committed to making change. So you get out what you put in. Throw yourself into this course and I will be there cheering you on every step of the way.

How do I know this will work?

No problem! Pop me an email and
I'll get back to you.

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