Breathwork for Confidence Workshop

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This online workshop will be a transformational journey that will recode the subconscious parts of yourself that hold you back. In this 90 minute session you will activate your inner queen and create unshakable confidence from the inside out using the healing powers of your breath. 

Imagine this...

You wake up everyday feeling energised, excited and ready to take on the day

You no longer hold yourself back and worry about what people think of you

You surrender to things outside your control

You create deep blissful connection to your body through the breath

This reality is yours Sister. On Tuesday 20th July I will be hosting a 90 minute workshop where I will guide and support you to heal yourself and recode your limiting beliefs so you create confidence, unblock your energy and activate your inner queen.


Thurs 19th Aug 2021
6:00pm - 7:30pm BST 
£27 per ticket


YES, sign me up!

What you
can expect...

Humans have been aware of the healing powers of the breath for thousands of years.

However, in recent years we often neglect the transformational healing capabilities of our bodies. We’re conditioned to suck in our belly, to stay seated and hunched over a laptop, to internalise our struggles and bury emotions deep within us.

Conscious connected breathwork infuses your body with energy and oxygen, it recharges your own (often depleted) energy sources. Conscious connected breathwork facilitates higher levels of consciousness, it allows you to tap into a euphoric state where your ego melts away and you start to live life in abundance.

This workshop is perfect for all levels from beginners to advance breathwork practitioners.

We will start by introducing the power of this work and what benefits you can expect after the session.

You will then be guided on a 60-minute breathwork journey that will connect you to your subconscious and help you recode the parts of you that keep you stuck.

We will close with a sharing circle, by creating community we integrate our insights deeper and are even more likely to make lasting change.

This workshop will take place on Thursday 19th Aug @ 6:00pm BST, there will be a recording for those who can't make it live.


Are you ready to unlock your
inner Queen?

Tuesday 20th July 2021

6pm BST 

£27 per ticket



I’m a Confidence Coach and Breathwork Facilitator and I help ambitious women who are struggling with self-doubt create unshakable confidence. Formally my journey started with my Psychology degree in 2010.

Since then I have been certified through the Clique, InnerCamp and have a Master Practitioner accreditation in NLP.

I guide my clients to heal their subconscious blocks and unlock their queen energy so they can confidently step into a life they love.

I'm Jenna 

Hey Gorgeous

The woman who is ready to change her reality, create unshakable confidence and try something new

Somebody who doesn't feel ready to take action and try something new.

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My style of breathwork uses a conscious connected mouth breath to energise and oxygenate the body. This is an active practice that helps you reenergise, remove blocks, melt your ego and find deep euphoria in your body.

What is breathwork?

There are so many! Perspective, clarity, it elevates depression and anxiety. It releases your body of toxins, increases your lung capacity. It can also help you reclaim blocked and trapped emotions which will help you feel healthier and happier.

What are the benefits of breathwork?

Tuesday 20th July @ 6pm BST. This session will be recorded for those Sisters on different time zones who can't make it.

When is this workshop?

The price of this workshop is £27. 

What's the investment?

Purchase your ticket from my website and you will be sent the Zoom link before the session

How do I sign up?

A yoga mat, blanket, pillow, your journal and wear something comfortable that allows you to breathe deeply and fully.

What do I need to prepare?