This is an exclusive package that will lift the lid on your confidence and take you to your next level. With my private mentorship you will be guided through a unique process to unearth your confidence blocks from the very root. 

If you are new to my work, you'll very quickly realise I don't do surface level coaching. This isn't just 'thinking positively'. Working with me you will be guided to peel back the layers and amplify the version of you that you were put here to be.

I create bespoke breathwork and somatic healing practices to clear your trauma, confidence blocks and self-sabotage patterns. 

My private mentorship gives you full access to everything I do, paired with voicenote support outside sessions (yes I'm literally the cheerleader in your pocket), this will be the best investment you have ever made for yourself. 

my 1:1 programme is a life changing investment that will guide you to create unapologetic success in every area of your life

Regardless of what you achieve, do you struggle to shake the nagging feeling that you’re not good enough?

Does your fear of failure stop you or hold you back?

Is your inner critic loud and hurtful? Does she stop you from fully believing in yourself?

Does this sound like you? 

If you answered yes then you're in the right place...

You weren't put on this planet to doubt yourself in every moment, to punish yourself for not being perfect or to hold yourself back because you're not good enough.

I know how heavy the daily struggle with yourself and your confidence feels and I want to help you shift that in the way I have.

I have gone from being in debt, stuck in a rut and miserable to now waking up everyday feeling energised, excited and creative - I want that for you too. 

I only work with 5 clients 1:1 at any one time so spaces are incredibly limited. Click the button below to book a complimentary discovery call and let's see if this is a good fit for you. 


'Before working with Jenna I had very little confidence. I questioned things, didn't feel good enough. Everything was so out of control. Since working with Jenna I feel SO good, better than I have in 4 years! I feel so much freedom and have my spark back. Thank you for honestly changing my life Jenna. I believe in myself again!'


'When I started working with Jenna I was socially anxious and worried what people thought about me. Since working with Jenna life has unfolded in magical ways, I feel so seen and supported. Jenna has caught me on my dark days and raised me up beyond what I ever thought was possible.'


'When I started working with Jenna I was pretty low and inconsistent. My fear of what others thought would hold me back. Now I feel SO much stronger and more confident, even on the wobble days I now have tools and techniques from Jenna to bounce back. I constantly feel like a boss babe, and that's down to you Jenna.


When I reached out to Jenna about the VIP day I felt stuck and was getting in my own way. I wanted to make a powerful shift FAST. The VIP day was the perfect product for me as Jenna truly delivers a month (at least!!) worth of transformation in one day. Jenna did an audit of my Instagram and pulled out blind spots that I simply couldn't see. She fully validated my emotions while holding the vision for where I could be achieving MORE and living a more fulfilled life. 


As a spiritual coach, I really appreciated Jenna's bad-ass Capricorn energy as she was able to pull me out of any "spiritual ego" blocks and help me to see where I could bring more "masculine" (action-taking, logical, direct) steps in my business. The breath work session was phenomenal as it was fully tailored to me and the blocks I was going through. I physically felt energy leaving my body. Before this, I was struggling with low energy, and over the past weeks, I have felt a HUGE shift in my physical energy. Thank you Jenna for your magic -- you are so invested in your clients, and I am so grateful for our time together.


Jenna is the business bestie who will have you saying "fuck, I wish I did this a year ago". She will support you to collapse time, get out of your own way, and get you believing it's possible. She holds you in love for your wobbles and set-backs but holds you to a higher standard than floundering on the past, and brings your focus back to the present. Her marketing expertise and industry experience are what sets her apart as as she has the professional experience to back herself up and get you thinking in a way that will set you apart.


Jenna's zest for life will help you get your spark back: she urges you forward into a way of doing business that reminds you to have fun, be playful and not take it all too seriously. If you want to create deep unwavering self-worth, claim the unapologetic woman within and tap into your next level of greatness, Jenna is the woman you want by your side. 


Working with Jenna has changed my life. I can’t believe the difference she made in just 6 months. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel about myself and other people have noticed it too. I’ve gone from having no clue who I was as a person to not only knowing exactly who I am, but to loving myself too. I’m no longer afraid to ‘put myself out there’. I’m taking action, I’m showing up, I’m excited for life again. I have practical tools and strategies to use when things don’t quite go to plan, and those tools and strategies are so adaptable I find myself with the confidence to use them in other areas of my life too. 


If you’re considering working with Jenna, take the leap. It’s worth every penny, every second. Jenna is incredible - she has an amazing way of holding up a mirror and showing you who you are in the most supportive way. She’s been a huge part of my life. I’ll never forget what she’s done for me and the difference she has made. I’m so grateful to her and our time together. 


I came to Jenna feeling stuck, confidence lacking and like I didn't really have anyone to talk to about this. This single session changed that dramatically. Throughout the whole process I felt seen, heard and understood. Nothing was off limits to talk about and Jenna made me feel incredibly safe from the moment we started working together. It is rare that I allow myself to open up in the way I did with Jenna. 


Creating my identity in a positive way and shifting the focus away from the things I felt like I lacked (I have a very poor view of my body), helped me see that I so much more that something external. Jenna helped me see my qualities and energy that magnetised people into my life. I wanted to work on my confidence so I could potentially welcome love into my life and only a week after I was asked out not once but twice. Nothing had changed externally for me in terms of looks so this goes to show the power of energy and recognising your self-worth and what you want to attract into your life. Thank you Jenna for everything, that single intensive helped me more than 3 months of coaching has done in the past!


When I first started working with Jenna I felt isolated, disconnected and burned out. In 10 months I feel happier, sexier and more powerful and to top it off I got the biggest promotion of my career! None of this would have been possible without Jenna. She is like the intuitive voice you have been missing until yours is strong enough to speak again.


Since working with Jenna I ditched that awful guy, we no longer speak. I'm much less tolerant of anyones crap! I've now met someone amazing who loves me how I always wanted to be love and I love him in the same way. He's all I've ever wanted! 


Jenna helped me shift from things I felt I lacked (poor view of my body) and helped me see that I am SO much more than something external. Jenna helped me see my quallities and energy that magnetised people into my life. I wanted to welcome love into my love and only one week later I was asked out not once but TWICE! This shows the power of energy and recognising your self-worth. You've helped me more in 1 session than 3 months of coaching in the past!


Before joining Cosmically Confident I felt depressed and stuck in a rut, lost and unmotivated. Jenna has impacted my life dramatically, I haven't felt this happy in 20 years! The small and large changes of ways I think, speak and act have really made a difference in how I feel about myself. I'm motivated, excited and working towards my dreams!


I honestly feel SO different. I'm so aligned in how I'm feeling, I no longer dumb myself down. Immediately after working together I was promoted and I've since been offered my dream job (and doubled my salary in 1 year!). I feel so content, excited and have such a full heart!


I honestly feel SO different. I'm so aligned in how I'm feeling, I no longer dumb myself down. Immediately after working together I was promoted and I've since been offered my dream job (and doubled my salary in 1 year!). I feel so content, excited and have such a full heart!


Before working with Jenna I felt as though I was drifting through life & was so disconnected from where I wanted to be. Frustrated that I hadn’t moved myself forwards yet so reluctant to make any major changes. With Jenna’s guidance I have come to know what drives me, what holds me back, who I truly am (& how to unapologetically be here).


Before working with Jenna I felt overwhelmed and foggy. By working with Jenna, I realised I have so much potential and I just needed to believe in myself more. I needed to stop being so hard on myself too. I learned how to organise myself better and achieve so many of the goals I have set. I’ve launched my business instagram with 700 followers, I finally got my book on interiors and lifestyle printed. So far I’ve had 4 soft launch events and am looking in to new ways of selling the book and contacting publishers. My future is bright and I procrastinate less and believe in myself more.


Beforehand, I felt a little lost. Lockdown hit me hard and I turned inward having no direction. As a therapist I tend to put everyone else first and not give myself enough care or thought. I also felt I was not good enough in many situations. Even being myself on social media felt tough as I didn't have the confidence to just be me. A year on I feel the most powerful I ever have felt in my life. I feel confident in social situations and online - to be pure and just be me. I have also achieved so much more than I thought I would in a year - feeling confident and finding my happy in day to day life. Noticing the past situations have been dealt with and no longer take up negative space in my life.


I felt stuck, ready for change but had no idea where to even start. I just knew in my soul that I deserved more but I was so crippled by my limiting beliefs that I was at a complete standstill. One year on I've stepped into my true power. I know who I am and what I stand for, I'm more connected to myself and my purpose than I ever have been before and I have so many tools in my toolbox for days that aren't so great. Working with Jenna started my journey of me loving myself for exactly who I am and I can honestly say that I never thought the day would come. I still think about the journey we all took together and smile, just so proud.


I felt lost and like I was hiding and not showing up in the world. Since working with Jenna, I feel light and bright, I feel like my layers have been peeled back and I know myself, the true me, so much better. I feel able to speak up, assert boundaries, own my emotions and take up space as me. I feel that I can keep up this momentum with being able to refer back to the course at any time. Jenna is so skilled at guiding all personalities and drawing out the insights that you can’t see about yourself. If you put the effort in there’s no way you won’t see incredible change.



🚀 crystal clear clarity on who you are

🚀 body confidence, prioritising health & feeling sexy and magnetic from the inside out

🚀 identifying what's keeping you stuck

🚀 releasing fear of judgement, failure and rejection

🚀 clearing trauma, limiting beliefs, blocks, and patterns of self-sabotage

🚀 connecting to your intuition and moving from stress & burnout to magnetic flow

🚀 drawing in your desires and achieving unstoppable success in life, business, relationships and career

Together we'll cover ...

You won't see testimonials like this anywhere else ...

3 months
1:1 mentorship

6 months 
1:1 mentorship

VIP day





Best Value you save £600! 



3 month payment plan available

6 month payment plan available

bi-weekly 1:1 calls with Jenna

3 month package

full notes & recordings

Weekly homework

unlimited voicenote support


3 & 6 month payment plans available


cosmically confident content (worth £647)

6 months access to the thrive collective (Worth £252)

This is for the ambitious woman who is fed up of holding herself back. Who knows she is meant for more but doesn't know where to start. Who is ready to become unapologetic about who she is, her success and what she wants.

Who is this for?

The transformations from this work are nothing short of incredible. I have had clients go on to double their income, find soulmate clients and most importantly become their own best friend. This work is deep and the transformation is limitless.

How will this help me?

Amazing, I can't wait to meet you! Please book in a call using the links above and I can't wait to meet you!

I'm interested, what do I do next?

This is my highest ticket 1:1 offer where I am quite literally in your pocket cheering you on. My 1:1 has very limited spaces and I only work with 5 women at one time. I will work with you to support you in having the deepest transformations. This offer is life changing and you won't feel the same after our time together.

What is this programme?

Yes, you will receive voice note support in between your sessions to keep you on track. You'll also receive access to Cosmically Confident and Thrive Collective my monthly membership. 

Do you provide support outside the 1:1 sessions? 

There is no other coach out there that does what I do. The blend of breathwork, coaching, kick ass motivation and love and support. When I become your mentor your goals become my goals, I am here to cheerlead you and pick you up when you feel heavy. I don't say this lightly, please read through my testimonials if you are unsure.

Why is this coaching with you different? 

A discovery call is an informal catch up where I can understand where you are at and you can hear more about the way I work. We can then decide on the call or after whether the programme is a good fit for you. It's not scary, I'm not going to objection handle you - I'm so confident in my work I don't need to. If it's a good fit we'll both feel it!

What is a discovery call?

Absolutely, you can split the cost across three or six months for the three month package and six or nine months for the six month package.

Do you have a payment plan? 

No! I work with women across many different industries and with many different challenges. 

Is this programme specifically for coaches? 

Although there are some similarities in that both professions provide a safe confidential space for the client coaching is action focused and is for the person who feels they are ready to take action to get towards their dream life. Therapy will often focus specifically on a mental health crisis. If you are unsure which one is best for you send me an email at

What's the difference between
coaching & therapy?